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Frequently Asked Questions Pertaining to Your Rights in Rhode Island

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  1. When the insurance company says I can have my vehicle repaired at an insurance company-approved or referral repair facility, do I have to use the insurance company's facility?
    R.I.G.L. §27-29-4(15) No, Rhode Island Law deems it an unfair claims practice for an insurance company to "require that repairs be made to an automobile at a specified auto body repair shop or to interfere with the insured's or claimant's free choice of repair facility." You have the right to choose your repair facility. Once you inform the insurance company of your choice of a repair facility, they cannot discuss your choice or attempt to change your mind.
  2. Can I ask my insurance company to repair my vehicle with original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts?
    R.I.G.L. §27-10.2-2(b)  When a vehicle is less than thirty (30) months from the date of manufacture, "No insurance company may require the use of aftermarket parts when negotiating repairs with any repairer unless the repairer and insurance company have a written consent from the owner to install aftermarket parts."  In summary, an insurance company cannot require aftermarket parts if your vehicle is less than 30 months old from the date of manufacture.  If your vehicle is over thirty (30) months old from the date of manufacture, then the insurance company can stipulate aftermarket parts.
  3. If I have Rental car insurance coverage will the insurance company pay for the rental car of my choice?
    R.I.G.L. §27-29-4(18) "No insurance company shall interfere with consumer's freedom to choose a rental agency. No insurance company may require an insured to pay a rental company when the insured has signed a direction to pay."  Also, if the accident is not your fault and the other party's insurance company has accepted responsibility, you are entitled to a vehicle comparable to your own while your vehicle is undergoing repairs.  For example, if you have an SUV, you are entitled to an SUV.  However, if you have a Range Rover, the insurance company can provide you with a Ford Explorer or an equal SUV.  It is not required to provide an identical vehicle.
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